Addiction to opioids such as heroin, morphine, prescription pain relievers and other drugs do not only endanger you from the awful effects of substance abuse but dependency on them is largely linked to other health issues such as STI and HIV. Before it’s too late, get yourself treated from drug addiction through medication.

Medication assisted treatment involves the taking of medication that works through the same brain receptors as the drug addicted to. These medicines however are so much safer than the drug abused, and are least likely to produce the same harmful effects.

Medications used to treat heroin, morphine, and pain killer addiction include:

  • Methadone which is an opioid agonist imitates the ‘high’ effects in the brain prevents withdrawal symptoms
  • Buprenorphine helps the drug cravings, but without producing mitates the ‘high’ effects
  • Naltrexone is usually given monthly subcutaneously. It eliminates the need of the substance abuser to take the drugs more frequently

Make the transition of quitting your addiction an almost unnoticeable one except that you’ll be remarkably better after.